IPhone x is weak! That’s the real business flagship

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This year, Apple’s iphone x has been able to flush the price of “non-luxury” handsets by nearly million, but the record appears to have been broken before 2018. Samsung W Series Mobile phones, has long been the high-end positioning of business people, this year earlier is more than a number of Samsung W2018 Real Machine Pictures, now, there are news that the mobile phone will be released in December.

IPhone x is weak! That's the real business flagship

IPhone x is weak! That’s the real business flagship

According to the latest spy photos, Samsung W2018 still uses a double screen clamshell design (how much business people like flip …) ), the fuselage uses the massive right angle line design, the overall modelling is more hale and rich texture.
Hardware configuration, Samsung W2018 on the two-piece screen is 4.2 inches, the resolution can reach the standard of 1080p, and equipped with dual 12 million-pixel rear camera, while providing optical stabilization, should also support the background of the virtual operation. The aperture is further elevated to the F1.5.
Processor and other aspects, a change of business mobile phone high price low match image, the Samsung W2018 will carry 骁丽 835 processor, supplemented with 6GB memory. In addition, the back of the fuselage fingerprint identification module, the bottom of the interface also for TYPE-C, built-in 2300mAh capacity battery, support for netcom.
As a business person, often wear, the use of products show personal details and self-cultivation, one eye can let people see you are a big crocodile? Confucian? or nouveau riche! So, in an era when the iphone waking popularity, business people may also have a personal iphone, but in front of outsiders, there will always be a business flagship class to show the unique taste and personality, and then in the Business field to show a distinctive temperament, This Samsung W2018 Although the price is likely to be up to 20,000 yuan or more, but I believe there will be many users like it!

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