Samsung S9+ flagship cost almost as high as Apple’s iphone X

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It is well known that the iphone x is the most expensive of the current mass-produced smartphones, and the cost of the iphone x material is not cheap. However, a report on Apple’s iphone x and Samsung Galaxy s9+ material costs shows that the South Korea’s strongest flagship smartphone costs almost as much as Apple’s iphone x.

Samsung S9+ flagship cost almost as high as Apple's iphone X

Samsung S9+ flagship cost almost as high as Apple’s iphone X

A recent report from Tech Insights shows that the component prices of the Samsung Exynos chip version of Galaxy s9+ total about $379 trillion. By contrast, Apple’s IPhone X is about 389.5 dollars higher than any of Samsung’s flagship models. So the final price of IPhone X is much more expensive than the Android flagship on the market, and the US version is 999 dollars. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus’s US version is 839.99 dollars.
In this report, Galaxy S9 ‘s most expensive component is the display, which costs 72.5 of dollars. followed by the built-in LTE modem Exynos processor, quote 68 USD. The third is the 48-dollar dual-optical two-camera module, followed by a 39-dollar 6GB lpddr4x memory. The price of other non-electronic components is estimated at about USD 29.
As for the IPhone X, the display is also the most expensive component, reaching $77 trillion, although it is from the Samsung Display panel manufacturer under the Sanxingdui, but it is more expensive than the Galaxy s9+ due to complexity and higher quality requirements. The IPhone X is more expensive than the Samsung flag ship and has a non electronic component, at a price of 46 dollars. The IPhone X’s A11 chip is 9810 cheaper than the Samsung Exynos because its LTE modem is independent, but it’s cheaper to add up to $64.5 trillion. In addition, the IPhone X’s 3 GB LPDDR4 memory is about 25.50 dollars.
Samsung Galaxy S9+ is one of Samsung’s most expensive smartphones, a little more expensive than the previous Galaxy Note 8 (6988 yuan). However, the item cost of Galaxy Note 8 is not cheap, about 369 dollars. In fact, the most surprising thing is that the Galaxy S8 display is the most expensive, up to 78.5 dollars, perhaps this year’s Galaxy s9+ screen test is not better than note 8 reasons. Of course, its display panel unit is owned by the group, and pricing is normal, including memory and Flash.
In any case, high pricing usually does not mean high sales, and recently Korean media said that the Samsung Galaxy S9 series mobile phone sales this year compared to last year’s Galaxy S8 a bit worse, because after a week of market demand began to decline.

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