Samsung S8 reviews What’s hidden beneath the gorgeous shell

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Samsung S8 reviews What's hidden beneath the gorgeous shell

Samsung S8 reviews What’s hidden beneath the gorgeous shell

S8 further enlarges the screen ratio, which will last for many years the entity home key and the two side touch buttons removed. Visual effects of the first, larger screen ratio and double curved screen, the screen curvature of the change, and S7 edge compared to show a little different effect, the screen radian more direct, the angle is smaller, steeper. With regard to the screen, Samsung also highlighted a point, the entire display screen part and the front panel ratio of 84%, including the surface display part of the two specifications are 6.2 inches and 5.8 inches.
Samsung S8 This is still using a good reputation 12 million pixel dual pixel lens, with F1.7 large aperture, hardware specifications seemingly unchanged, but in the software aspect of a relatively large-scale optimization, the specific effect of how? We further test for you in detail, the scene of the experience environment does not have a very comprehensive picture of its function. In contrast, the advance of the front lens is larger: 8 million pixel, have the function of autofocus, also have F1.7 large aperture, common face recognition, beauty function did not fall.
On the security side, in addition to iris recognition, fingerprint identification, Samsung S8 also added a brush face recognition, three kinds of biometric identification methods constitute a security system, basically we think “that model” is also good function, in the S8 can be passed.
Samsung S8 Overall looks more like an independent finished work than a “patchwork” product. Smart phone development So far, many brands blossom, full rise, but there is basically a problem behind: Independent brands are independent where?

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