Microsoft Store sale Samsung S8 don’t want to talk about WP system

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Windows phone operating system, once the world’s three mobile operating systems, but for a variety of reasons, deserted, to decline. Microsoft executives had already said they were no longer developing the Windows Phone operating system, a system that would ultimately defeat iOS and Android.

Microsoft Store sale Samsung S8 don't want to talk about WP system

Microsoft Store sale Samsung S8 don’t want to talk about WP system

However, the Microsoft Mobile System is not dead, before the launch of Microsoft Launcher Launcher, can be understood as Android desktop, but it can be better with the PC side of the linkage to improve productivity. At present, Microsoft in order to promote this product, unexpectedly in Microsoft store shelves Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy s8+ mobile phone, there is no lock version, at version and Verizon version Optional. Microsoft also introduced its Android launcher, Microsoft Launcher, in the two sales interface of the phones.
It is also worth mentioning that, November 23 began in the United States black Friday shopping activities, Microsoft’s 50 percent discount can be used on these two mobile phones, can be a discount of 150 U.S. dollars, it seems that Microsoft also spelled. Do not know so obsessed with mobile operating system of Microsoft, in the future will be based on Android depth to customize an operating system?

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